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2019 年 1 月雅思口语考题预测

[摘要] 2019 年 1 月雅思口语考题预测。随着2018年进入尾声,2019年的雅思口语考题预测也出炉啦,各位考生可以前来参考哦。

2019 src="/data/file/upload/15453869741148.jpg" style="color: inherit; width: 370px;">

2019 年 1 月雅思口语考题预测

Part 1

1.How many hours do you sleep every day?

Sample Answer:
Normally, I sleep 7 to 8 hours a day on average. In special cases, such as festivals or holidays, I can sleep up to 10 or even 12 hours. That’s because I usually stay up late, having fun with friends or families, in those situations. So I need longer sleep to recharge myself.

考生们要注意这个题的答案不是固定的,也不是一定要给出一个非常确定的答案。每个人每天睡的时间可能有不同,所以可以先给出个平均时间,再去分析一些特殊情况,比如放假, 旅游等,具体的时间和理由也是需要分析的,否则无法使听者很好的理解你的答案。本答案中的 “recharge”一词表示“再充电”,当你的精力耗尽了,需要再一次补充的时候就可以用到这个词了。

2.Is it necessary to take a nap every day?

Sample Answer:
Well, for me, a nap is so precious because my job doesn’t allow me to take a nap. I mean, I only have 1 hour at noon to have lunch and rest. It’s more of-ten a fact that when I’m done with my lunch, I don’t have enough time to take a nap, and I have to get ready for my work in the afternoon. So, to me, I’m more than grateful if I could take a nap after lunch. At least, I’m able to get my brain a little rest and get more energy to work.


3.Do old people sleep a lot? Why?

Sample Answer:
According to my observation, they don’t sleep as long as young people do. Take my grandpa for example, he goes to bed at 11 and gets up at 4 or 5, which is way different from me. Even my mom and dad don’t sleep as much as they did. I’m not really sure why they don’t sleep a lot, but I guess the length of sleeping time depends highly on the energy consumption of people. I mean, old people consume less energy a day than young people. So they don’t need a long sleep to recharge themselves.



4.Do you often use maps?

Sample Answer:
Well, I’m a big fan of maps, particularly the map application in my cell phone. To me, it’s like the greatest invention in the world. It’s no exaggeration to say that I use map app every day on my way to work. You see, I live far from my workplace, so I drive to work. During peak hours, the traffic is horrible in my city, so I use the map app to check the traffic situation first to make sure that I can avoid congested roads and decide which way to go. Besides work days, I still use the map app during my trip in other cities or countries. There’s no need to ask people for directions any more. All I have to do is to navigate to my destination.

对于地图,现代人对它的定义已经远超过了他本来的意义。现在提到地图,我们更多的是想到手机里的地图应用。所以考生可以从这个角度入手,不要拘泥于原始形式的地图。本题从个人角度出发,阐述了作者自身在上班高峰期使用地图 app 的经历。*了其使用的频率之高以及原因。

5.Why do people use maps?

Sample Answer:
When people try to get to a place that they don’t know, they will use maps. In modern time, people are more likely to use map applications to find ways. The second reason for using maps is that people like me use the app to make sure the traffic condition when commuting to work. In this way, they can make a right decision about which way is faster. Some of my friends use map applications also because they want to make sure the time they would spend on road to the place that they choose for appointment so that they are able to make suitable route plans and avoid being late.


6.Do you think map is important?

Sample Answer:
Yes, I think map is of great significance to people. Besides being important in finding ways, making traffic plans and locating sites, it’s also essential in teaching people, especially the

young, geographic knowledge. For example, my older sister teaches her son the geographic knowledge with a map post-ed on the wall at home. The effect is obvious and my nephew has already had an idea about where his hometown locates, as well as locations of all major cities in my province.


7.Have you ever asked others for directions?

Sample Answer:
Of course I have asked for directions. I mean, maps are not that almighty. Sometimes, the map app doesn’t work well when you are trying to find a specific site. This is because the map information cannot be updated as quickly as the speed of change of buildings and roads. In this case, there’s no method but to ask a local person for help. They are more familiar with the road and locations of buildings than the map. So, when I have difficulty in finding a place, I will definitely ask people for directions.


Part 2&3
1.Describe a building you like
You should say:
how you knew this building what this building looks like
and explain why you like this building

Sample Answer:
Well, if you ask me what my favorite building is, I must tell you it’s an art gallery called “Laura’s Collection”. It’s basically a two-storey detached architecture located in the countryside. It is far away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. I didn’t know this place until my friend Layla recommended it to me. She knew I would love it when I paid a visit! Most art galleries are usually located in downtown areas, which are surrounded by plenty of blocks and passerby, so I couldn’t be able to be fully concentrated on appreciating artworks. Maybe that’s why I adore spending some quality time in a peaceful gallery. And

whenever I am tired of my life routine in city and want to have a “get away”, I always choose to pass time” in Laura’s Collection.

Unlike other dark cramped places with low ceilings to create the “mysterious atmosphere”, the interior of Laura’s Collection is quite spacious. And the inner decoration is absolutely delicate. Between some artistic sculptures and paintings, there are some transparent walls, so you can see everything in the gallery when you stand at the different corner. In order to make sure all the space inside is bright enough, two glass-made French-doors are set to replace traditional windows, so when the weather is nice, sunshine will spill everywhere.

Another impressive feature in the gallery is the color of the walls. It’s navy blue, which is my lucky color. It always makes me think of the calming vast sea. It’s so relaxing. Therefore, when I sit in the couch in the rest area, I al-ways feel like I’m living in the “oceanic palace”. I guess maybe that’s why Laura’s Collection is the building I like most.

谈到“喜欢的建筑”,很多同学都会跟前几季出现的题目“去过的有趣的房子” “理想之家”“休闲设施”联系到一起,因为这些题目的重点都在于“为什么喜欢它”。所以,考生不妨联系一下以前准备的范文,还是从内部装饰和外部环境两方面入手,点明自己喜欢这个建筑的原因。

Part 3
Are there any differences between traditional buildings and modern buildings?

Sample Answer:
As far as I’m concerned, yes, there are many differences between them. The most obvious part is their appearances. The main features of traditional buildings are steep roofs and curvy eaves, which are often decorated at the corners, and lots of them are held up by pillars. In contrast, plenty of modern buildings are like cuboid. Besides, the choices of their materials are di-verse. We used to use a lot more timber in our architecture but nowadays it’s a lot more cost effective to make things with reinforced concrete or brick.


2.Describe a happy moment that you had recently
You should say:
when this happened what the event was who was with you
and explain why you felt happy

Sample Answer:
Well, I can still remember many happy moments, and among them I would like to mention the event that I can still remember vividly. One day, my teacher told me I got full scholarship of my dream university. On hearing the news, I cried happy tears. I spent almost a month with great anxiety preparing my application. I started speculating so many things and many of them were negative. I could hardly stop worrying about the result. The consequence would play a crucial role for my further development, because I was raised up in a working-class family, and my college admission would de-pend on full scholarship. Therefore, I hardly sleep well the night before the result being announced.

The result came out at around 11.00 am and I realized that I did exception-ally well. All friends were truly happy for me. I was extremely excited. At that moment, I was so relieved that I literally shouted out. Then I came back home and told the good news to my parents. They were very proud of me. We held a celebration and all my friends had come to celebrate this great moment in my life. Definitely, I will never forget the big moment in my life.


Part 3
Do people work better when they are happy?
Sample Answer:

Well, I strongly believe people may work better when they are happy. This is because nobody is in charge of your happiness except yourself. While some work environments are difficult, if you keep happy, you can conquer any difficulty. Furthermore, new research confirms what Google already knows that greater employee happiness results in higher productivity. Economists carried out a number of experiments to test the idea that happy employees work harder. In the laboratory, they found happiness made people about 12 percent more productive.

首先注意审题,当快乐的时候工作效率高,首先要明确表达个人的观点,然后举出例子较后可以说些可靠的数据这样表达会更加有说服力,词汇需要进行转换,不要重复词汇过于简单, 会在第三环节部分显得缺少*能力。所以在回答时逻辑关系需要紧密。

3.Describe a sport that you have watched and would like to try
You should say:

what kind of sport it is when you watched it who you watched it with
and explain why you would like to try it

Sample Answer:
The sport I have watched is a kind of outdoor game called cricket. I remember I firstly saw it was from a movie called the Past of India. To tell you the truth, I had known the sport cricket for a long time in my English class but I had never really seen anyone playing it until I watched that movie.

The history teacher in my high school showed us the movie to introduce the Indian history during that period. Cricket originated from England which was known as gentleman’s game at that time. To play the game, the players from two different teams should use the wooden bats to hit the ball in order to score, which is a little like the baseball game.

I want to try this is because I have tried baseball but it is too hard for me to hit the ball accurately maybe because the baseball bat is too narrow for me to hit the ball right on the point. However, the wooden bats for cricket are wider than bats for baseball, so I guess it will be easier for me to score. I re-ally want to give it a go. But it seems to be so difficult to find 22 players to play the game with me. That would be a pity.

运动一直都是雅思口语常考的题目,因此很多同学会想到 basketball, football, tennis 等常见的运动,但是如果选取这些常见的运动来介绍,大家在较后一个 why 的问题时会发现, 很难展开自己的思路,因此可以挑选一个稍微冷门的运动,这样在回答较后一个问题的时候内容更新颖也更具有说服力。

Part 3
Why do so many old people like to watch sports programs on TV?

Sample Answer:
Well, to be honest, I think the answer is quite obvious. As they’re aging, it is not as convenient as it used to be for them to go to enjoy sports in the sports stadium. Also, watching sports programs on TV can save them time on transportation and money on buying tickets. Still, they can see those sports competition more clearly through TV.

相信对于很多同学来说,这道题的答案并不难想到,这样一来,大家在表达自己的想法的时候需要注意层次,使用相应的逻辑联系词,而不是一个 and 用到底。这样,*在听取考生答案的时候会更清晰容易。其次,在句型的使用上,尽可能的加入复杂句型,拿到 grammar 的分数。

4.Describe a time when you lost something important

You should say:
what you lost
why it was important
and explain how you feel after you lost it

Sample Answer:
I lost my only car key 3 days after I bought the car when I was in Chicago, studying. It was an old silver Honda Civic with over 120,000 miles on its panel. Without the key, I could not start the car and it was basically a piece of scrap metal. Also at the moment, I was preparing for a trip to visit my friends in Charlotte, NC, and renting a car on such short notice could be very expensive. And for sure in the next few days, I would need to hire Ubers to work and school, and that was going to be expensive as well.

Given the situation, I should feel anxious or even upset. But I got this mechanic friend, Joe. Joe came and did something and I wasn’t sure what was going on. I just saw him crawling under the steering wheel and pulling out wires and stuff. Miraculously, after 15 minutes, the engine started roaring and I was thrilled. Joe taught me how to “hotwire” a car and told me that I needed to buy a new car locking system on Amazon and he could help me install it. It took me 3 days and 150 bucks to get the shipment. And on the second day, when I was passing the campus police station, I walked in because I was being a bit curious to see if anyone could find my key and re-turn it to the lost and found. It was a bit dramatic because my key was there. It was returned on the very day I lost it!

文章结构分为三部分,包括:1)阐述你丢了什么重要的东西、2)为什么这个东西很重要、3)你丢了这个东西后的感受(作者觉得雅思出题人经常问这种“低智商”问题,问丢了东西的感受…在一般考生看来,这是废话,丢东西当然不好受,问个毛线)。在切题的基础上, 遵循Who, What, When, Where, How, Why, 该题的推荐答案给出了所有一个故事该有的要素。答案阐述了作者丢掉的东西,通常能丢到的东西比如钥匙、手机、钱包、合同等。以此题为例,作者丢了汽车钥匙,它很重要,因为丢了车钥匙就不能有交通自由,然后作者感到….. 如果按照这种思路,考生无法完成 2 分钟至少 180 字的答案。所以在这三部分中,必须对某一部分进行适当扩充。作者选择扩充第三部分。与其丢了东西感到悲伤,作者相反选择去解决问题,并描述了解决问题过程中的感受。这种扩充就是作者推荐的在故事当中套一个故事的答题方法。

Part 3
What kind of things do people often lose?

Sample Answer:
People often lose cellphones, keys, and wallets. I lost my keys many times and never learned the lesson. Now, I use a key chain that can attach the keys to my belt to prevent them from losing. It works well so far.


lose something 丢掉什么东西learn the lesson 吸取教训key chain 钥匙环
attach… to… 把…固定在… prevent … from … 预防

5.Describe a song that is meaningful to you
You should say:
what song it is
when you first heard it
and explain why it is meaningful to you

Sample Answer:
I’d like to talk about a song named The Road of Life which was sung by Leslie Cheung, a famous Hong Kong singer and movie star. It is the theme song of a Chinese ghost story, one of the most successful movies of Hong Kong in 1980s.

I first heard this song in my grandma’s home when I was a kid. I remember one day my uncle brought a videotape back home and played it for the whole family. The song started at the very beginning of the movie and fascinated me right away. The intro was the sound of flute in high pitch which soon went down and brought in Leslie’s voice. Leslie sang in a somewhat old school style with distinct hit on some notes and long drag with some words, but it just fit the movie since it was a love story happened in ancient China. The lyrics were about some profound meaning of life that was be-yond me to understand as a kid, but it came out with everyday and readable words that I successfully learned to sing after hearing it for 2 or 3 times.

This song sets a high standard of art appreciation for me. These days, when listening to some terrible songs on the internet, I would instantly remind myself that our music has once reached a much higher level that we should pass this memory down to the younger generations. And I think the composers and lyrics writers nowadays could have been much better job.

本回答选择描述一首雅思*们未必会熟悉的一首音乐。这样做的好处是撇除了背答案的嫌疑,因为各种 sample answer 都会以*名曲做范例。另外,秉承“越是本土的,越是*的”的原则,这样的选材若能较好地展开,会让*们印象更深刻。
在本曲目的描述上,尽可能使用音乐专业词汇,包括 intro(引子), pitch(音高),flute(笛子),note(音符)等。这需要平时注意积累。细节决定真实感,挑选个别关键细节描述,避免使用 beautiful,wonderful 等较泛的形容词描述*曲情况,搪塞了事。后面与当代神曲作比较时,使用了funny 一词。Funny 这里指“滑稽”,带贬义,不是“有趣”的意思。
回答的语法构成上沿用了PPF(past,present,future)原则,可以在描述*次听到歌曲时,适当多使用过去时。另外可零星加入虚拟语气,增加语法多样性,如较后一句的 could have been better,指本可以做得更好(意味着现在做得并不好)。

Part 3
What kinds of music do young people like to listen to?

Sample Answer:
As far as I can see, young people like to listen to pop music nowadays, be-cause it’s easy to learn and it’s not very long. Young people can listen to it with their fancy electronic devices whenever they want. It’s not like other forms of music, such as classical music, that you need to spend a much longer time in a music hall to enjoy.

本题题目其实有两个关键词,young people 和music。这种双关键词的题目是非常常见的, 而不少学生会只关注到其中一个关键词,因此扣题不准确。本题的回答可以从所选的音乐类型和年轻人的性格的关联说起,如文中流行音乐是易学的,偏短的,还有随意性强些的,这些都是与年轻人性格想契合的点。另外可以使用对比手法,从年轻人的角度,解释为什么其他类型的音乐就是不能抓住年轻人的心。

雅思考试的口语话题在每年的1月、5月及9月会进行更新换题,会有部分新题的增加。必考话题会持续出现(比如:姓名、家乡、工作/学习及住宿),考生需要知道的是,此四个话题是Part 1中的必考话题。*在问完考生的姓名之后,会在其他三个话题中任选一个问题进行展开提问。由此可见,考生如果想要在较开始的时候给*留下一个好的印象,那么提前将这四个话题进行一定的准备,可以让考生在考试的时候得到事半功倍的效果。另外,新题的数量大约在15题左右,其中部分题目是往前经典考试题目的回归。在处理新旧题目的时候,考生需要采取不同的策略。对待新出现的话题,考生需要做的是找准回答方向,给出原创答案即可。然而对于回归的经典题目,考生需要谨慎对待,很多考生看到出了往前的考试旧题,心里就开始偷笑,然后直接把背诵过的一些答案范例表述出来,这样的话是无法获得较好的分数的。

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