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[摘要] 本文为大家带来的是朗阁雅思口语考题预测,大家一起来看看吧。


6. Describe an experience that you got bored when you were with others

You should say:

When it was

Who you were with

What you did

And explain why you were bored


Sample answer:

I wanna talk about last semester when I did group discussion with a bunch of classmates on campus. You know, at the end of semester, students were actively involved in preparing final, and didn’t have enough time to refresh themselves like traveling aboard or hanging out with peers. Since I was preoccupied by tons of paperwork, I rearranged my schedule and had to do some final study with my partners. It was the first time that I worked on assignments with tons of people, but I didn’t feel good, truly not. Since distractions may be improved by endless discussion and noisy ambience, they spent a lot of talking about some gossip, tourist attractions and other stuff, it made me feel so bored and more important thing was that I couldn’t focus on my study anymore. I mean, I was not crazy about traveling, especially on public holidays, there’re packed with people, some souvenirs get marked up, which bothered me. Hence, when they planned to visit a coastal city such as Qingdao to listen to birds in trees, smell the fragrance of flowers, enjoy shimmering and limpid water as well as eat mouth-watering food, I felt out of place. Traveling was not my cup of tea, I just wanna ace the test, gain more credits, become one of the top students in class or take part in volunteer work to expand outlook, which can fulfill my potential and offer me sense of achievement. I felt bored coz we didn’t have similar topics, interests or different goals to reach, so I thought twice when I had to do group project after that.



7. Describe a journey you went on by car

You should say:

When was it

Where you went

Who you were with

And how you felt about the journey


Sample Answer:

A couple of months ago I travelled to Mt.Lao with my classmates Echo and Jimmy by car, it was absolutely an unforgettable experience I’d never had before since we spent a half day on getting there. Well, to be more specific, our car was out of order in the middle of nowhere and we really had a hard day.


Let me tell you what happened. Well, I was always looking forward to driving to a place with a bunch of friends, visiting some extraordinary scenic spots, tasting delicious local cuisines, and feeling the exotic cultures. So after a tight preparation, we started our journey in March, a beautiful day in Spring. We departed at approximately 5:00 am, it was really early I know but we were very happy and excited not only because of our destination but also because it’s a good way to run away from the hustle and the bustle of the city.


Unfortunately, our happiness didn’t last long. We soon felt blue because we got a flat tire on the highway so we had to stop the car in the center of the road and pushed it on the side. At first, we were trying to replace it with the spare wheel but we didn’t make it, to be frank, nobody was good at repairing so the only thing we could do was to call the emergency help, and waited for someone to come to change the tire. I felt very bad and helpless because there was no Internet in the highway and we basically waited for 2 hours for the rescue team.


It only took the mechanic about 10 minutes to fix the wheel and it costed us an arm and a leg. Fortunately our journey didn’t cancel because of this incident, we drove to the service region of the express way and had a rich lunch, after renewal, we carried on our trip and finally arrived.

It wasn’t a happy start I know, so from then on, I always carry mobile network when I travel to a new place, just in case I get nothing to do except endless waiting when there is accident happened on the way.



8. Describe an advertisement you remember well

You should say:

 Where you saw it

 What it was about

 What it was like

 Why you remember it well


Sample answer:

I’d like to talk about the most memorable advertisement I’ve ever seen. Well, I’m exaggerating things here a bit, because I hardly remember any other ads to be honest - I mean, commercial ads, of course. But I do remember this one as it is different, - it’s actually a job advertisement.


I can’t remember exactly when I saw it, as it’s been quite a while, at least for a couple of years. I read it from somewhere online that there was a job vacancy for being a professional hotel test sleeper in a number of luxury hotels. At that point, it was the first time I’d ever heard of such a job when hotel testers, back then, were still quite rare. So straight away the title caught my attention, and as I found more about the job descriptions, my mind was blown off. It said that the selected candidate would be able to travel around the world staying in beds of some of boutique hotels with all the travel expense covered. Sleeping on the job and travelling for free! I was talking to myself then this was the dream job for me. This was too good to be true. The funniest thing about what the ad said, as far I can recall, was that the recruit got to role-play the travelers, without letting on that he/she was conducting a review. Yet, in order to get paid, he/she was required to write up a lengthy report about every aspect of the accommodation, including details about the bathrooms, dinning, service, etc.


Why do I still remember it so clearly? Because apparently, I wasn’t selected.



9. Describe a time when you first met someone

You should say:

 Where you met him or her

 When you met him or her

 What you talked about

 And how you felt about it


Sample answer:

I am going to talk about a time when I first met Yesenia, my lovely Colombian friend. I’ve known her since I travelled in Colombia last year and we first met in the downtown of Jardin - more precisely, at a fruit stall in the marketplace. I was there getting some sliced papaya for my breakfast, as I simply couldn’t have enough of this local delicacy, while she happened to stop there for fresh fruits on her way to school. She started to chat with me, by asking me if I was fond of this tropical fruit. She came across as distinctly affable and we ended up exchanging email addresses, so that’s how we met each other basically.


And when I say that Yesenia stuck me as an affable sort of a girl, she’s not someone who is bubbly and overly friendly. Rather she is attentive and caring, not something you’d normally expect from a young girl at her age. An example here is we later on hung out in the town together, when she took me to some hidden spots for authentic local fare, knowing that I was seeking for a gourmet food experience yet travelling on budget. Another is she helped stop local people trying to show me things to make a sale, which was pretty common in touristy places there.


Well, I’d say there is something incredibly trusting about Yesenia, and to me she is really a thoughtful and hospitable girl. I am glad to have befriended her and that we still keep in touch and write to each other every now and then by emails.



10. Describe a piece of clothing you enjoy wearing

You should say:

Where you bought it

How often you wear it

What it is like

And explain why you enjoy wearing it


Sample answer:

A piece of clothing that I’m keen on wearing is a coat that I bought online last year. The coat is white in colour, and it’s made of cotton fabrics, which makes it perfect for wearing in spring and fall. What’s more, it also can be worn in air-conditioned rooms in summer.


Honestly, I didn’t plan to buy clothes online at that time because I wasn’t sure if they would suit me. But the weather was getting colder and my old coat was starting to look a bit worn out, so I decided to buy a new version. After visiting many online stores, comparing a lot of customer evaluations, I finally chose a cost-effective one, and it was delivered to my house a few days later. The funny thing is that I almost wore it every day for going to work or play and even go on trips. Now, I still wear it quite often.


Well, the reason why I enjoying this coat is that it’s so practical and comfortable. It’s cotton fabrics and it helps me keep warming during a cold day. Plus, it also comes in handy for carrying things like my phone, wallet tissue, and even a notebook because of its big pockets. It even folds up small enough to fit in my bag when I don’t need it. All in all, I love my coat and cannot get through a day without them.



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