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雅思口语Part 1话题

[摘要] 今天小编即将要分享给大家的是“雅思口语Part 1话题”的相关内容,希望能够对大家的雅思口语有所帮助!有兴趣的小伙伴赶快和小编一起来了解一下吧!

  今天小编即将要分享给大家的是“雅思口语Part 1话题”的相关内容,希望能够对大家的雅思口语有所帮助!有兴趣的小伙伴赶快和小编一起来了解一下吧!

雅思口语Part 1话题


  1. What language can you speak?

  To be honest, besides my mother tongue, English is the only foreign language I can speak; while in the future, I will try to learn other languages like Japanese or French.

  2. Do you think it’s difficult to learn a new language?

  Yes, since the language acquisition lies in a range of factors, including talent, memorization, determination, persistence, patience, application and imitation; and we can imagine that only a few people can get the hang of using another language well.

  3. Will you learn other languages in the future?

  Yes, definitely, in the future, it is my intention to learn xxx, since I am very fascinated by the culture and lifestyle; if I can speak the language well, I am able to live there for a while.


  1. Has your voice ever changed?

  I guess so, when I was during my puberty 青春期, I had a mature voice that was different from

  my children one, and it is the case for everyone to experience that chance.

  2. Do you like your own voice?

  Regarding my own voice, I think I am quite senseless about it, since I am so used to my own voice; but in most cases, I like my own voice, since it can represent my own personal image.

  3. Do you enjoy recording your voice and listening to it?

  To be honest, I am not into doing that, since it is totally unnecessary and I feel uncomfortable when I do it.


  1. When do you need to be focused? Scenarios that require xxx,

  As long as I need to memorize something new or try to sleep, I will stay focused; or It will be a waste of time and I don’t want to be disturbed.

  2. What may distract you when you are trying to stay focused?

  Temptations 诱惑;

  A range of things may interrupt me when I try to stay concentrated, temptations like TV, game, snack, phone calls and a chitchat may compromise my concentration.

  3. What do you do to help you concentrate?

  I can do heaps of things to boost my concentration, like listening to music, drinking a glass of milk, meditating or reading books.

  4. Is it difficult for you to stay focused on something?

  I think so, staying focused is quite challenging for me at some point; just as what I mentioned, above, there are many temptations around me; meanwhile, I am not good at managing time, that’s why I tend to procrastinate from time to time.


  1. Do you wear jeans?/ Do you like wearing jeans, why?

  To be honest, barely do I wear jeans since I think it's quite tight and I don’t feel comfy when I wear a pair of jeans.

  2. How often do you wear jeans?

  I wear jeans normally during spring and autumn, especially when I wear sneakers for leisure activities, like hanging out with friends or going shopping.

  3. Why do you think jeans are popular in China?

  For fans of wearing jeans, I guess reasons are no more than the following ones, for example, they wear jeans to exhibit their body shape, and by wearing jeans, it is easy to mix and match with other clothing, like casual clothes, sports clothes or sneakers.


  1. What’s your favorite hairstyle?

  Let me see, my favorite style actually is ponytail/flat top, since it is very convenient to deal with, especially during a hurried morning; and it will be time-consuming if I make my hairstyle too complicated.

  2. How often do you have your hair cut?

  Let me see, the frequency of cutting my hair is quite flexible; but as long as I realize that my hair has split ends or has become long, I will have a haircut; normally, I will have a hairdo for every two to three weeks.

  3. How much do you usually spend on your haircut?

  Normally speaking, it won’t cost me much if I want to maintain my previous hairdo, and while if I intend to change my hairstyle, it may cost me several hundreds to do it.

  4. Do you often change your haircut?

  To be honest, it is not my intention to change my haircut frequently, since it is quite time/money-consuming; while occasionally, it is up to my spontaneous mood to have a brand-new hairstyle.

  话题六: Walking

  1. Do you walk a lot?

  Yes, I do, I take a walk on a daily basis; whenever I have spare time, I’d like to walk for half an hour in a park with my friends.

  2. Where do you usually take a walk?

  I normally choose a variety of places to walk, like treadmill, park, garden in my community, pedestrian shopping street and so on.

  3. Do you walk more often than in the past?

  I think so since I realize that there are many benefits of walking, like improving my mental health, burning calories, losing weight; while in the past, I used to live a sedentary lifestyle and by walking more, I can become healthier.

  4. In the future, do you think that people will more or not?

  More people now realize that walking is a handy way to live a low-carbon lifestyle since reducing carbon footprint is quite a trend now; people prefer walking as much as possible, instead of driving to kill two birds with one stone.

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