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Part 1

1. What is your morning routine?

Sample Answer:

In fact, whenever I wake up I like to drink one full glass of slightly cold water. Then what I do is to put my running shoes on and go for a walk for around 30 minutes. After exercising, when I come back I’m all worked up so I quickly take my shower and then have my breakfast. It is about 7 a.m., I will set out to school for the whole day study.



2. Do you think eating breakfast is essential to you?

Sample Answer:

From personal point, eating breakfast is essential to me, because it offers us the energy we need for the day. Before breakfast, our body has consumed all the energy we get from previous meal. Consequently, we need to eat some food in the morning to get enough energy and nutrient to support our body. If we don’t have breakfast, then we have no enough energy to do our work efficiently. Also, people who skip breakfast will get weight easily. If you don’t have breakfast, then you will eat more food at noon and in the evening. Generally speaking, we don’t have much excise in the evening while we eat too much food. As a result, the surplus calorie will be stored in our body and make us fat. All in all, people should eat breakfast for the good of our health and for the good of keeping a good body shape.



3. Have you ever changed your morning routine?

Sample Answer:

The answer is definitely yes. I have ever changed my morning routine. The reason is that I tried to retain the sense of renewal and recharging. One way to achieve it is to tweak my morning routine. I used to wake up late and have no exercises, which is detrimental for my health. Therefore, I rearranged my morning routine. I wake up early and have morning exercises for 30 minutes, then I feel refresh to go to school.



4. Do you often go to parks?

Sample Answer:

Yes. I visit the park nearby my home every day. It’s quite convenient for me to go. Plus, there are some pieces of equipment for local citizens to do physical exercise in this park and I always work out there to strengthen my health.


内容从两个方面展开,一个是地理位置方便所以经常去,另一个则是有运动器材可以锻炼身体,所以家附近的公园就成了常去的地方。词汇解析:available有空的,可得到的,可供应的;permit 允许;work out锻炼身体;strengthen one’s health强身健体。

5. What do you usually do in the park?

Sample Answer:

I always go to park for a walk. You know, I keep a poodle as a pet. Every morning and evening I go for a dog walking in the park, which provides me a chance to do some exercise to keep fit.


为了避免和前面话题所给出的答案重复,我们也可以选择适当发挥一下想象力,讲一些别的可以在公园里面做的活动,例如遛狗就是一个不错的选择。词汇解析:poodle 贵宾犬;go for a walk散步。

Part 2&3

1. Describe a good law in your country

You should say:

What the law is

How you first learned about it

Who the law affects

And explain why you think this is a good law

Sample Answer:

When referring to a good law, the first one coming into my mind is the regulation amended seven years ago. The law is that drunk driving should be regarded as a crime and therefore ought to be banned thoroughly. Even though a person drives after having a sip of alcohol, he or she must have serious penalties, including several-month detention, fining for thousands of RMB or revoking of driving license in the lifetime.

I knew little about this law until the news about Gao Xiaosong, a celebrated musician in China, was publicized. It was in May of 2011, his drunk-driving behavior led to a severe accident and then he became the first reputable person who broke the law. After the detention for several months, he made a promise to the public that he would never drive in his life, as an alarming of the fault.

Similarly, accidents resulting from drunk driving are frequent. According to the report from the government, over three thousand people were killed and nine thousand were injured due to drunk driving in the last few years. However, after the law came into effect, the number of these cases falls dramatically.

Apparently, the law makes a huge difference to the safety of traffic and the life of people. In China, roads are getting overcrowded these days, so the new drunk driving law is designed to make our roads much less dangerous. Therefore, I’d say drunk driving is not only harmful to people, but also adversely affects the surroundings.



Part 3

1. Is it a popular occupation to be a policeman?

Sample Answer:

Definitely yes. Almost each child, especially the young boys, has ever dreamed to be a policeman in the childhood. To become a policeman, one has to pass the written examinations about laws and regulations, as well as they need to score high in the physical tests. Even though few people can become a policeman due to so many tests, the occupation is still popular, not only for the enjoyment it brings about, such as handsome salary and good life quality, but also for a sense of mission, and for strong dedication to the society.



2. What characters do the policemen need to have?

Sample Answer:

To be a policeman, one should be qualified with physical and spiritual characteristics. Physically, one needs to have sufficient physical strength to cope with tough tasks he or she would be confronted with. Psychologically, responsibility and fidelity are two significant personalities - being responsible is for finishing his own work and better serving the communities, and being loyal is for the devotion to the country. Therefore, it is never easy to become a policeman.


要做好一名警察,谈何容易。可以先来一个topic sentence讲一下要当一名警察需要具备的技能不仅是体力上的,而且是精神上的。然后具体的展开身体上和精神上有何要求。例如,体力要充沛。精神上要负责,要忠诚。有观点,在进行具体展开。这样,作为listener才更容易被信服。

3. Do you think people will feel nervous when seeing a policeman standing opposite to them?

Sample Answer:

Definitely not. I do not understand why people will feel nervous when seeing a policeman standing opposite to them. With a policeman armed with guns, people would basically get a sense of security. For example, in some particular regions like South Asia, there are so many robberies and violence these days, so if standing to the opposite of a policeman, one does not need to be scared of being robbed at all.



2. Describe a second foreign language you would like to learn

You should say:

What it is and where it is spoken

How you would learn it

What difficulties you might have when learning it

And explain why you would choose to study this language

Sample Answer:

Hands down, French, no doubt about that. I have never learnt the French language, not even a single word, but I have followed a couple of French movies. The way the language is spoken is so romantic, just like the people themselves. No wonder France is often named the most romantic country in the world, I believe the language has a major role to play in spreading that reputation.

Of course, beautiful and sexy pronunciations of French worlds are not the only, though very important, reason why I want to pick up the language. It has got practical uses. French is the official language in European regions and many African countries that used to be French colonies. If I could speak French well, I would probably entertain the idea of studying and living in France for a while, to gain a better understanding of the culture, the local cuisines, and the people there.

My dream is rosy, but I am well aware of the challenges that will stand in the way of turning that dream into reality. For a beginner, self-learning is almost impossible. So my plan is to learn the language step-by-step in a language learning institute. It might take years, depending on how difficult the language is as I go along and how much interest will still be left at the end of the day.



Part 3

1. Do you think some people have a better command of learning things than others?

Sample Answer:

On the surface, that’s totally true. Some children appear to have a natural talent for learning a new language or picking up new skills while others may be categorized as slow learners. But based on my experience, this has nothing to do with the so-called inborn talent or genetic advantages. It all boils down to interests. If it is an area of strong interest to me, I would be motivated to learn, day and night, non-stop. But if it’s something I deem boring, spending an extra second on it would be considered a waste of time.



2. Do you think it is necessary for foreigners to learn Chinese?

Sample Answer:

Necessary? No. Recommended? Yes. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying mandarin is going to replace English as the most widely spoken language in the world. That’s not going to happen for many years to come, as far as I can tell. What I mean is a massive migration of Chinese people to the rest of the world is happening right at this moment. Chinese tourists, overseas students and job seekers are now establishing growing presence and influence in many countries and regions worldwide. In Canada, probably a white guy is more likely to see a Chinese person than run into his own counter-parts. So, speaking a few basic words in mandarin is going to be a skill that comes in handy even for foreigners who have never come to China and know literally nothing about the country.



3. Describe a successful family business you know

You should say

What kind of business it does

How you got to know it

What kind of customers they serve

And explain how you feel about this family business

Sample Answer:

Well, off the top of my head, the successful family business I am going to describe to you is a Thai restaurant in my hometown.

It’s located in the downtown area of the city, about 10 minutes’ walk from my apartment. Opening in 2010, it is the first Thai food restaurant I know of in the city. The owner is a middle-aged man who happens to be my next-door neighbour. I knew his business about six years ago, when we ran into each other in the lift and to break the ice, I asked him where he was going and he said he was about to head to his restaurant. And that got me interested.

A couple of days later, I decided to pay the restaurant a visit. It was pretty big. There are two stories, with 40 tables on each one. Based on a rough estimate, I’d say the place could accommodate over 300 guests at a time. The food was incredible. He said the head chef in the restaurant was one of his relatives who used to work in a five-star hotel in Thailand. His wife was the cashier and the waitress, taking orders and swiping credit cards for customers.

I go there once every few weeks and as far as I can tell, most of the customers are young adults who are willing to try new stuff. Even until now, his restaurant is still as popular as ever. Sometimes on weekends or public holidays, people have to wait in line outside for their turn. The wait might be frustrating, but once you have a taste of the food, you won’t regret it.


这个successful family business的定义有很多不同的理解。可能有的学生会认为这是指的那种小生意,比如路边摊卖个报纸,饮料等,也有可能被理解为家族企业。这里我建议学生选择前者的解读,因为family business 一般意味着这个business里面都是家里的成员,所以那种家族企业可能并不完全符合。而且,这个题目的一个难度就是要把家庭生意和成功结合起来,而一般学生认为这两者可能没有太大的关系。所以,学生要找对角度去回答这个问题。

Part 3

1. Do you think Chinese people like to be self-employed?

Sample Answer:

No doubt about that, and this is especially the case for young people who just graduate from college. I don’t know why, but they get the feeling that taking a job is boring and does not compensate well in the future. They share the ambition of setting up their own business, being their own boss, and making their own decisions.



2. What kinds of industry are Chinese family businesses mainly en gaged in?

Sample Answer:

Well, to my best knowledge, food and drinks and convenience store are probably the areas that attract most businesses. This is because they have the lowest threshold for capital. Renting and furnishing a restaurant or store costs no more than 200 thousand a year, much less than, say, an IT firm or a factory. If the business is small, two or three people in the family are sufficient to serve dozens of customers. Besides, in restaurants or small stores, only during lunch and dinner time will staff be busy, so they can take a good rest after working hours.



3. Are there many successful cases of family businesses?

Sample Answer:

Very rare I’d say. You see, family company is a tricky business. It’s not about family spending lovely time together doing some bonding activities. Money is at stake. A successful company requires sound management, effective strategies, and concrete actions. If they can’t deliver those things and are constantly forgiven by other members for their own mistakes, the business will go down in no time.


这里问成功的家庭生意多吗,这里回答不多,也是一样,从原因的角度展开。这里说到的就是公司和家庭的区分。公司需要有规矩,有管理,关乎到利润和成本,这需要比较professional 的人来做,而家庭成员之间的特殊关系可能很难实施这种很好的管理。

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